7 Valentine's Day Greetings Just for You

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few poems for you to copy down and give to your respective acquaintances (after you print this and HANDWRITE out your sentiments, eat the paper so no one ever finds out. Originality is the real key to sentimental gifts. It’s all about the thought you put into things).

Romantic Interest (unmarried)
Before I met you I was sad.
Life was very, very gray—
But now I know you and I’m glad,
And from you my love will never stray.

Romantic Interest (married)
When you first wake up with messy hair,
And mumble “Hi” with vague, blank stare,
Your every movement melts my heart,
My darling, you’re a work of art.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Chicago is freezing,
Have a good day.

Changing dirty diapers and much more,
Then nights of waiting by the door,
Hearing all my lovestruck woes,
You’re the best [mom or dad] ever, from head to toes!

Best Friend
Goodness knows where I would be,
If you didn’t go through life with me.
I’d probably be bored out of my mind,
And living in an insane asylum because of it.

Growing up with you was fine,
And now we’re old and everybody thinks we’re strange,
Because your words and stories match mine—
Here’s to hoping we never change.

Nothing prepared me to be your [mom, dad],
For the joy and delight of watching you grow,
In every high and every low,
I’ll always be in your corner.