Professional back-cover bios usually just lull you to sleep. It probably doesn’t matter that much to you where I earned my BA (Moody Bible Institute), how many years I’ve done my current job (a few), where I used to work (more than 4, less than 20), and if I’ve published anything (The Cup).

You may care about who I am as a person: I like optimism, being outside, reading, friends, Curtis (he’s very wonderful), thinking, baking, playing games, singing, laughing, and having fun.

Perhaps your main interest is what qualifies me to be a writer: Started writing as a small child when I picked up a pencil and marked X’s and O’s on a paper. Haven’t stopped since—I believe that copious writing qualifies anyone who’s willing to work that hard. Also published The Cup.

Occasionally, if it comes up, you could think about my family: Married to Curtis (he’s very wonderful) into his wonderful family, also youngest of five, daughter of two, and aunt of lots of delightful nieces and nephews.

Life goal, if you wonder: For the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom.

And that’s enough for us to start getting acquainted.