I just completely renovated my blog. Renovation doesn't really seem like the appropriate word for a blog. When I think of renovation, I think of basements and big buildings, and construction equipment. But, I worked hard on my blog. So, I'm going to use the word renovation, and try not to cheat it of any of its  meaning.

Anyways, back on topic. Whenever I make something new, it's like the most exciting thing ever for me. Like my new background and banner. Exciting, right? I think so. And I'd like to try to share some of that exuberance with you. Imagine laughter. Starting as a quiet crease at the corners of the mouth. Then starting to bubble up out of a well of complete joy, untainted and unaffected. It bubbles for a short time, then begins to build. Now it's a full out peal, like the ringing of all the church bells in England on a Sunday morning. Tears are rolling down the face, and you can't help but start to smile, because true joy is stinking infectious.

Well. That's sorta how excited I am about this. I'm also smiling. And I hope you are too.