Pleasure or Responsibility... Or Both?

I used to be in the habit of writing a blog every night. Then life got busy and other things demanded my attention. Responsibilities and the like. And, as it often happens when we have responsibilities, the pleasures get forgotten. That's what happened. I had things to do, classes to take, papers to write, all the usuals of a busy life.

I'm still busy. But, in all my busyness, I realized that I like writing too much not to do it. Writing has slipped into my category of responsibility. I'm responsible to write to honor God, and I can't let that fall off the back of the wagon. It should be first and foremost.

It doesn't feel like a responsibility for me, though. 'Cause I love to write.

(Which makes me wonder... How much of what we find pleasure in, should we be doing for a bigger reason? Maybe honoring the Creator of the Universe. If that seems big enough?)