It Feels Great

You know that feeling when you get really excited about something? When you want to leap from your seat, and jump and dance and sing, no matter who is watching? Well. I'm feeling that right now. For a wide variety of reasons. And you should feel it sometime soon too, because it's wonderful. Let me see if I can help.

You. You are great. Yes, you. You were created by God for a purpose, and He loves you so much. No matter what you do, He will love you, and care for you, everywhere you go. And He will be your best friend. Just because He loves you.

You know how it feels when your dad gives you a huge hug? That's like how God's love feels. It feels great.

You know how it feels like when you come home from a long day of hard stuff, and your mom made you cookies? That's how God's love feels. It feels great.

 God loves you.

It's great.