Just Write (Right?)

Sometimes you sit down to write, and nothing comes out. You stare at the screen, feeling like you just ran the trash cans out to the street 3 minutes after pickup. Disappointed. Defeated.

This is when all the best writers say to write something, regardless of what it is.
For instance, your trip to the grocery store yesterday, and your encounter with the cashier whose sole goal in life was to engage you in a tedious conversation about a sale on soap in aisle 5. 
The cloud you saw this morning, that looked suspiciously like the Uncle Willis you remember as a kid, beard and all.
About how last night, you went downstairs for a drink in the dark. On your way back, you mistook the coat rack for a 12 armed monster, and you sprinted up 22 stairs in 2.7 seconds. World record beaten, surely.
You see, it doesn't really matter how ready you are to write, or what you write about. It matters that you write. You'll find all sorts of database from your experiences. Go ahead. Write about them. We'll be entertained, and you'll be whetting your talent.
Try it. Write something. Write (right) now. 
(Pun intended.)