I bought two mirrors today. And, shortly thereafter, I dropped large weights on them, and broke them into dozens of pieces.

Then, as if I had changed my mind, I began to piece them into a mirror again. This time, fragmented and puzzled together. Analogies came flooding through my mind, and it was as if gold had been struck.

A broken mirror is like life. Sometimes pieces are whole and clear cut. Sometimes shards are everywhere. But if you look closely, you can always see something good.

A broken mirror is like the way we see things sometimes. If you look at it one way, you just see hundreds of broken pieces. Pain. Heartbreak. Shards. But, if you change the focus, you see the big picture. Your reflection. Which is exactly what we are supposed to be. Reflections. Imperfect and crushed, but reflections nonetheless.

A broken mirror is like sin. When we have sinned, all we see is a smudged, blurry reflection. But, when a strong cleaner is applied, and the mirror is completely wiped, a clear, strong image is visible.

A broken mirror is like a broken heart. It can be pieced back together.

A broken mirror is the way our hearts are supposed to be, open to rearrangement and organization.

Let your heart be broken. Because God will put you back together.

Shattered, but whole.