Tom is everyone's favorite barista at The Cup. Kind, attentive, warm, he's the kind of guy older women try to pair off with a niece. But behind his cheery smile is a wounded past, and inside he feels like a failure. Enter Janelle and Mike. Janelle is quiet and sad-faced, a timid girl with fearful eyes. Mike is an ever-moving enigma of energy. Both have that rare ability to see past a person's veneer, and Tom finds in them the only two people he can trust. But he still can't seem to outrun his past...
A tale of renewal, courage, and trust, here is a moving story about a man who faces what could destroy him, and two friends who display the immortal qualities we'd like to imagine live within us all.


“You’ll pull for each of these characters and begin to recognize them in your own life. The faces in your coffee shop will never look the same.”
— B Kammerzelt,
“A lovely, heart-warming story of people living in a real world with real problems. Many will be able to relate and gain insight from the heroism introduced in this book; heroism which is so often missing in our culture today.”
— Annie Jones, Amazon Reader
“The characters are believable and dimensional, the settings and dilemmas contemporary and uncliched, the outcomes unpredictable. This is an inviting story that lingers with one.”
— Rosalie de Rosset, Unseduced and Unshaken
“It was soo easy to get lost in this warm story of friendship, loss and love. Intertwined within the walls of their own worlds, readers will adore the page-turning unfolding of this well written story.”
— Amy Morgan, Amazon Reader