Why Life is Like Editing

We bought a hamster and named him Winston. We spend hours watching him, because he's the cutest furry ball we've ever seen. We bought him a wheel because the one that came with his cage was too small, and I'm very concerned about his health and wellness.

Unfortunately, we made the egregious error of purchasing a metal wheel instead of a plastic one. If Winston was a basement hamster and we lived upstairs, it would be fine. Unfortunately, he's a living room animal in our one bedroom apartment.

When we went to bed we thought the squeaky wheel was cute. Each consecutive time the squeaking woke us up, we thought it was less cute. He (probably) ran at least 200 miles in the short 7 hour period we were (not, but supposed to be) asleep.

The next morning we took the wheel out of the cage, returned it, and bought a plastic wheel that runs on ball bearings, silently.

The sound of silence has never been so beautiful.

Life is like editing. If you do something poorly and you can fix it, fix it. Better to live with the brief embarrassment of correcting an error than the eternal shame of having left the wording messy, or the problem unsolved.