Sign Your Work

Everybody likes anonymous surveys. There is all of the freedom of expressing opinion, and none of the burden of disagreement. It lets you say what you think without giving a reason. Great, right?

Maybe not. Maybe it's a good thing to take responsibility for your thoughts and ideas, and to stand for something. Signing your work means setting aside your fear of argument, your fear of being made fun of, your fear of being judged in the future.

Why are we afraid? We're afraid of what people think of us, because even though we're not in elementary school anymore, the pressure of fitting in is weighty. We're afraid of what our bosses will think, our colleagues, our friends, our mom or grandma. We've been conditioned to think that it's admirable not to stand for anything, because then we're giving everyone a fair shot at happiness. But maybe drifting like the wind isn't happiness—and standing for something isn't belligerent.

Signing your work means that you understand what you've made, and you're proud of it. It is willingness to take responsibility, because you are an adult and taking responsibility for your actions is a very adult thing to do. Signing your work means admitting that you created it, you stand by it, and you are pleased with it.

Make something amazing, and sign it. It's a favor you owe yourself.