Hard Work Ain't Easy

It's easy to conceptualize that creating something is a good idea, but when the rubber meets the road and the tires are flat, all we can see is disaster. By nature, we'll always take the easy way out—not necessarily because we're lazy, but because hard work is... well, hard. At the end of the day, however, the easy way out provides an astonishingly low level of satisfaction: nothing accomplished, nothing won, a day spent with nothing to show for it. That's a lot of nothing. Working towards something that matters, even though it sometimes feels worthless and excruciatingly painful (don't keep your leg in the bear trap you didn't see just to finish hunting, though), has benefits that long outlast putzing around, doing nothing but breathing and swallowing. You created. You worked. You know something now that you didn't know before. And you have something to show for it...

It feels a lot better to say, "Here, I made this," than to say, "Well, the garbage truck came at 9, the mail came at 11, the clock fell off the wall at 2:45, and now I'm hungry for dinner. What is it?"

Don't be afraid to do the work it takes to make something that matters.