When Life Gets Writer's Block

Every author has a system of dealing with writer's block. Some push through it, writing every word that comes to mind, regardless of sense or structure. Others stop working, taking the block as a sign to mean that it's likely that nothing important is going to be written at that moment. Many have cards that they look at when they're out of ideas that are full of, well, ideas. Writers block is the woe of every author—the mind-numbing sensation that nothing you write is going to mean anything, and none of your ideas are good. Sometimes it lasts for only a moment, sometimes it lasts for weeks; and though there are some solutions that pull the mind from the painful arena of inactivity, there's nothing that positively works every time.

Sometimes life gets writers block. You're living along at a good steady rate, doing your thing, and suddenly the looming cloud of painful bewilderment moves in, numbing all your emotions. Nothing makes it better. There is no medicinal solution that works. You're doing all the right things, but it doesn't fix the problem. You just have to keep living.

And sometimes, you just have to keep writing, and remember the reason that you love to write. Because, outside of writers block, there is writing; and the words are flying out of your brain faster than you can put them on paper.

And miracle of miracles, you like them.