Do It.

People have potential. All of us. Age doesn't matter. Or current station in life. Or what other people think. The truth is, YOU are amazing. That's right. YOU are Amazing. Because you (Yes. You. We've already been over this) are packed with God-given talents and abilities. So, here's your opportunity. Get out and do something about it.

Maybe you're the best voice on the block. Go join a choir and become a soloist. Perhaps you are the most talented bricklayer the world has ever seen. Now get in contact with some great architects, and join in a partnership to build the next Taj Mahal. Possibly you write so well that people applaud for your most nonsensical scribblings. So write!

It doesn't matter where you are. But it matters what you're doing. So get out there. And do your gifts. Because you have them. I know you do.