Thoughts on Thoughts

It's been a whole month since I've transmitted my brain to paper (or, as you would have it, the screen). Time changes things. It changes feelings, actions, mannerisms. It heals wounds. Broken relationships, hurting friendships, tense interactions.

That's what I was going to write about when I started this blog. However, right now my mind won't cooperate. So instead, my thoughts on thoughts.

We've all heard how fast the human mind processes facts, information, and situations.

I'm sitting here typing, listening to a Christian rapper. My mom is making dinner. My subconscious hears the microwave clank. It goes to Saturday at a service project when Connor cleaned a microwave. I wonder if he'll be playing drums for us on Sunday during worship team. Then, the scent of cooking chicken permeates my hungry mind, and I think about chickens. Sqwaaak, sqwak.

I'm writing the whole time.

I remember I'm waiting for a call from a friend about economics homework, and I'm reminded of several phone conversations I've had in the past few days. I recall best the one which focused entirely on the glory of God. My thoughts on the glory of God— that He chooses to let us represent Him even though we mess up and sin so much is mind boggling and extremely humbling.

That's where my mind has gone in the past few minutes. I hope you had a fun ride.